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Canaima Homes specializes in offering high-quality, impeccable home sidings, door, and window replacement services. We are here to help you with your need to upgrade or update your home.

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Siding Replacement

A lot of homeowners neglect their siding because it's not as important as other parts of the house. But if left untreated, walls will start to deteriorate and leak which will lead to costly repair work. For quality siding replacement services that can help you save on repairs in the future, call us today!

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Window Replacement

We boast a large selection of windows that are perfect for every need. Whether you are looking for energy efficient windows, traditional styled windows, vinyl windows, or aluminum clad windows; we have it all at affordable prices.

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Door Replacement

Every door is made from quality materials which will guarantee that your new door will stand the test of time.We offer a large selection of doors that are perfect for any home or office space. Door replacement services can be provided swiftly and efficiently!


What we do in canaima homes

Canaima Homes is a family-owned business operating in Durham, NC. We provide homeowners with affordable home siding, window, and door solutions that are durable, energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

We sell and install a variety of high quality windows of all styles and sizes, insulated windows, high quality PVC cladding and doors. We make sure that your windows, side doors are installed and function perfectly for years. Canaima construction projects include new buildings, repairs and restorations.


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Canaima Homes specializes in home siding, window and door replacement services. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and make sure to listen to your needs.
We have tips, news and information that can help you to take the right decision about your home remodel.

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