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You need to think about your Siding Replacement

No matter what type of siding your home has had, vinyl is a great choice when you’re looking to upgrade. Vinyl siding offers the same benefits as other materials but also offers additional options for customizing your home’s exterior.

Because vinyl is a plastic, not a metal, it doesn’t absorb the heat of the sun like aluminum siding can. It also provides better sound insulation on windy or rainy days and is not as vulnerable to dents from hail (or errant baseballs). At Canaima Homes, our vinyl siding is always installed over a sound layer of water proofing and insulation to ensure that your home is protected against weather and temperatures.

Vinyl also offers more customization options than aluminum. The siding can be created in nearly any color, and because the entire piece is dyed, rather than just painted on the surface, scratches or dings will be hardly noticeable. Choose a color that shows off your personality and makes your home stand out, or go with a classic color that lends your home a timeless look.

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In order to maintain the integrity of your home, it is vital to replace damaged pages before damage spreads and causes costly structural problems. If your siding has minor hail damage or cracks, there are a few repairs that an experienced siding builder or contractor needs to carry out.

Replacing your disk connector is one of the easiest ways to update and enhance your look. If you notice that your siding is looking bad or worn out, it is time to take action, but it is better to replace it before your home is seriously damaged. If your house needs to be painted frequently, or if it peels off or fades and discolors, it may be time to replace the siding.

Replacing outdated and unattractive sidings can go a long way to improving your home when it comes to increasing value and reducing appeal. In addition to protecting your house from weather damage, modernizing your siding also saves you money on energy costs. Replacing your domestic connection is a great way to increase your insulation efficiency and reduce heat and cold transfer from the inside to the outside.

Why Hire Canaima Homes?

At Canaima Homes, we strive for perfection with every project. We want you to be satisfied with our work and to return to us for any future projects you might have — that’s why we will match or beat any competing prices for vinyl siding installation.

Contact Canaima Homes for a vinyl siding install on your home in Raleigh, Durham, NC. We can give your existing house an upgrade or help you finish up a new build project. 

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